Lawrence J. Bartlett, D.D.S.

Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

Dental Services

Services we offer include:

  • Bonding, to repair small chips or cracks
  • Crown and bridgework, to replace large amounts of lost tooth structure and/or missing teeth
  • Dental implants, for the longest-lasting tooth replacement available today
  • Fillings, to make your teeth strong and healthy again
  • Oral Cancer Screening, to detect disease at a curable stage
  • Periodontal (gum treatment), to prevent tooth loss
  • Porcelain Veneers, for repairing larger chips and cracks, and reshaping teeth
  • Professional Teeth Cleanings, to maintain good oral health
  • Removable Dentures, to help you smile again
  • Sealants, to protect children's teeth from decay
  • Teeth Whitening, to brighten a faded or discolored smile
  • Tooth extractions, when a tooth is hopelessly damaged or decayed
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